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Boulders - painting in situ

Rock Series

Rocks are like the anchors in life. They are strong and still. They have weathered the forces of nature.  This work is about being grounded and still…

"Larch" - painting in situ

Forest series

Our beautiful forests bathing us in nature, instilling a sense of well-being. 

Sharp Edges - painting in situ

Tropical Series

Inspired from my trips to tropical places, the very different landscape. The sharp edges of some of the foliage, the play of light and shadow…..

"Gunnera Flower" - painting in situ

Gunnera Series

These giant rhubarb-like plants have huge umbrella-like leaves that have the capacity to protect. 

"Enchanting Woods" - painting in situ

Etching Series

A beautiful craft using copper plates to etch and transfer to paper. The work at this time is about the joy of the craft and the finer details of our landscape

Annaghmakarrig Still Waters - painting in situ

Annaghmakerrig Series

Still, deep waters, dusk, dark landscapes.  Winter cold and damp.  The work at this time is reflective and melancholic…

"Bogland" - painting in situ

Bogland Series

Our earth, our Irishness…..