Nature has the power to impoverish us or sustain us in both a physical and spiritual sense. The landscape can be savage yet kind, cold yet warm, wild yet calm. Its constant fluctuations in mood and atmosphere can reflect the inner most thoughts and emotions that we have.

Art has the power to make us see in a new light. It allows us to develop feelings for and notice things that we might otherwise not have noticed.

It is this power that I wish to use to help the viewer experience the landscape as perhaps they did not before. I wish to share with the viewer my affinity with the landscape, my feeling that the landscape has the power to nurture the body and soul that, by experiencing the landscape closely brings a sense of quietness, of solitude and stillness.

The Rock Series is based on close observation of rocks. The work is built up in a slow methodical way using layers of acrylic glazes and sand like layers of time being laid down. From the speckled boulders of granite strewn upon The Scalp in Enniskerry, to the rocky inlets of Connemara , to the lichen covered ledges along the coast, to the cliffs of Moher, there is a sense that the rock remains constant, that it will survive long after each of us has left this earth.

The inspiration for the Foliage Series comes from the flora of the landscape. From the giant gunnera plant, to tropical rainforests, to the native trees to be found in the Irish woodlands, I attempt to subsume the viewer within the vegetation, to view the world through and beyond the leaves. I wish to convey or evoke a ‘green feeling', a feeling of freshness and new beginnings, of spiritual ‘well-being', of ‘quiet reflection'. By submerging the viewer in the foliage, I am seeking to force the viewer to take notice of nature, which ultimately will calm the spirit.

The Earth Series is work that has resulted from my residency at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Annaghmakerrig. It is the beginning of a new series that comes from the landscape but in a more abstract way. Elements of the landscape are pared down to produce still and sombre paintings. The work attempts to portray the essence of the earth and the feelings within that are provoked by ‘being there'.